The Inner Infinite

In an era where humanity is enjoying creature comforts and technological conveniences in a way that no other era has known, we are also seeing unprecedented levels of inner turmoil and collective restlessness and unhappiness. I recently watched a discussion between a great yogi of our times and a group of physicians from New York City. When asked, the physicians estimated that 65 – 85% of people in the city were dependent upon some form of “chemical support” (prescription or otherwise) to maintain a minimum level of inner calm and stability. [To view this discussion, click here: AAPI convention with Sadhguru.] We don’t have to look far to see humanity ripping the planet (and each other) apart in a seemingly mad pursuit of some kind of well-being, some kind of panacea for inner discontentment, some kind of pleasure and comfort.

The Inner Infinite, our Summer Yoga Studies intensive at Living Tradition Yoga this year is designed to offer a different option to the relentless external pursuit of pleasure and comfort. It offers the opportunity to address the conditions within ourselves that are responsible for our unrest, our affliction. By facing these conditions and afflictions, we have the opportunity to experience the reality that the source of our joy, our well-being, our freedom also lies within ourselves.

Such an experience does not often come easily to us. The intensive will be intense. Addressing the cause of our afflictions and tracing the source of our joy does require that we face and move through whatever suffering lies within us. But, as B.K.S. Iyengar has said, only through facing our own pain, can we know the light*.
In my view, this is the type of human being the world needs: one willing to take responsibility for his or her own suffering, rather than one who takes that suffering out on other people, creatures and the world around him or her. A human being with the courage to face his or her own suffering, and the willingness to take action to transform that suffering into “light” has the opportunity to become a living solution the planet so desperately needs. In my view, there is no joy, no success higher than this.
This, and nothing short of this, is the goal of this weekend’s intensive: to give such sincere human beings the strength they need to be a living solution in the world; a light in the darkness.

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